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08 September, 2020

Commitment To Cleanliness In The Time of COVID

Since 2017 when we first opened our co-working building in Bushwick, Brooklyn, 100 Bogart has always placed a strong emphasis on cleanliness.  As the COVID-19 pandemic has caused us to raise our already strong commitment to cleanliness to even higher levels, below are some of the additional standards we’ve implemented to keep our community clean, safe, and productive.

Face Masks.  Facemasks are mandatory in all common areas.  If you don’t have a face mask, please stop by the management office on the second floor and we will provide you with one.

Hand Sanitizer.  In addition to encouraging our members to follow best practices for hand-washing, we encourage the frequent use of hand sanitizer.  Hand sanitizer dispensers will be installed throughout the building and maintained by our cleaning staff. 

Capacity Reduction.  We encourage our members to follow best practices for social distancing (including the 6-foot rule).  To do our part, we are implementing a 50% capacity reduction for all rooms in the building.  Every other desk (or every other chair) should be the new seating standard for offices and conference rooms.   We are also implementing a 4-person limit for elevators.

Conference Rooms.  Our cleaning staff works tirelessly to sanitize the many conference rooms at 100 Bogart.  But with new groups of members entering our conference rooms on an hourly basis, we are encouraging a collective effort when it comes to the cleanliness of our common areas.  Our prohibition on food and drinks in conference rooms remains in effect.  Additionally, each conference room will be stocked with basic cleaning supplies for members to use (spray bottles, paper towels, wipes, etc.).  We are asking that everyone stay mindful and do their part in leaving a clean environment for fellow members. 

Kitchens.  Our cleaning staff will be sanitizing all coffee equipment with increased frequency.  Additionally, we are encouraging the use of paper coffee cups to reduce the spread of germs (clean mugs will be covered).  Touch-free garbage cans will be installed in an effort to further reduce surface contact.  We are also temporarily suspending the use of our fruit water dispensers and icemakers. 

Lobby.  We are implementing a new sign-in process for all guests and visitors.  In order to maintain social distancing, our security staff will be asking all guests and visitors to sign in using the self-serve iPad kiosk in the lobby.

Last but not least, we’ve asked our staff to stay home when they’re feeling sick.  We encourage our members to do the same!

100 Bogart is committed to maintaining our high levels of service while providing the safest possible workplace for our members.   If you have any questions or would like further information on 100 Bogart’s commitment to cleanliness in the time of COVID-19, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us.

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