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25 April, 2018

Croissant – Coworking Buffs Check-In at 100 Bogart

Over the past few months, we have been working with an exciting and innovative startup – Known as the Airbnb of Coworking, we are excited to introduce you to Croissant!

Croissant offers their members the opportunity to partake in the rapidly growing Coworking scene around NYC - By allowing them to choose a coworking space that is most convenient to their location that day, Croissant has been killing the game. We had a quick chat with their Community Manager, Georgette about her tips for coworking and what she likes best about 100 Bogart!

What’s your name and what do you do with Croissant?

Georgette Eva. I’m the community manager at Croissant. I help members meet one another, try coworking, and answer any questions they may have when it comes to Croissant.

What is your favorite part of only working out of coworking spaces?

I love the energy. I feel like I’ve met a lot of amazing people and businesses. I’ve seen projects build from the ground up. And I’ve been there when people have left their regular jobs to start something new that they’re more passionate about. It’s so inspiring.

How do you generate community between remote freelancers?

I find that most remote workers or freelancers are always up for meeting new people, so it sometimes happens organically. I’ve been able to meet more people on the Croissant app— you can see who else is on Croissant when you check into a space, so I sometimes will just send a DM to say hi! We’ve also hosted informal coworking sessions in spaces too to meet each other, and we’ve had regular groups meet in some spaces, when our projects aren’t in the way.

I also find that just saying hi to my neighbor at the desk or communal table is a great way to meet someone. I usually strike up a conversation that way and we’ll wave or check in on each other’s projects when we see each other next time. Just make sure their headphones aren’t on when you deliver your icebreaker.

What drew you to 100 Bogart when we joined Croissant?

I love the neighborhood and was so happy to see the space when it came onto Croissant! It's near some personal favorites from Sey Coffee to Roberta's. And the space is beautiful. It's full of natural light with all of the windows and different places to sit and work, take calls, or even how a little coworking group. I also heard great things about the space and Diana (the community manager) from my friends so I was really pumped to visit!

What helps you get work done during the day to keep your productivity up?

If I realize I’m having a hard time getting into a project or if I realize I’m not on task, I’ll resort to a sprint or a few pomodoros— setting a timer for a focused amount of work and then taking small breaks in between. I don’t do it all the time, but it’s very helpful to take that deep dive and just go!

What special amenity about 100 Bogart is your favorite?

I really love the tea blends! I feel like I always talk to people about how great the tea is. It’s local and has these great names that come from the city, depending on which blend of course. I don’t think I have a favorite, though I probably try Brooklyn Breakfast Tea the most because I love black tea.

The space itself is just lovely and open. I purposefully came when it snowed so I could watch all of the flurries outside the window while I worked.

Would you recommend 100 Bogart as a coworking space in the future?

Definitely! It’s such a lovely space to work and the community is so nice! Diana’s always hosting something interesting.


Check out more about Croissant's app and coworking tips at their website at www.getcroissant.com or on their Instagram at @getcroissant