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11 April, 2018

Cutty Sark Happy Hour

Did anyone say coworking -- or networking? Last week on Wednesday, our friends at Cutty Sark Whisky were generous enough to sponsor our Spring happy hour for all our new members here at 100 Bogart! We know that nothing brings people together more than good conversation and good drinks so naturally, our happy hour was nothing short of a huge success!


Rooted in the Prohibition area, Cutty Sark’s history is one for the books - a tale of adventure. It's known for its intrigue and daring occurrence, ensuring the whisky's colorful history would give any seasoned storyteller a run for their money. If you are interested in learning more, check out their unique story here: us.cutty-sark.com/cutty-story.


Due to an expansion of craft breweries and alcohol connoisseurs in Brooklyn, Cutty Sark has expanded their brand to many local bars throughout Bushwick, and lucky for us, they made a pit stop here at 100 Bogart! Laura Matte, Cutty Sark's Innovation brand ambassador did an amazing job educating our members not only on the history of Cutty Sark but also on how to make some bougie drinks with it!


In between experimenting with Cutty Sark’s delicious whiskies and networking, members and friends came together to enjoy a pleasant evening filled with great conversations all around. We were able to learn a little bit about everyone who joined us and the amazing work they are doing out of our coworking space here at 100 Bogart! If you want to learn more about some cool startups in Blockchain & Cryptocurrency, Real Estate, Entertainment, Finance, and many other industries, you can't miss out on our next event!


To join in on more fun at 100 Bogart, check out our events calendar HERE or our Instagram @100bogart, to see what we’re up to next! See you at the next happy hour - our awesome members and the diversified industries here in our coworking space will ensure you don’t run out of something to talk about for a long time! Cheers!

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