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15 August, 2017

Our Community-Centered Gallery Space

The vision behind 100 Bogart is to create a destination building for the socially-aware creative community who live in or near Bushwick. We want this building to be a physical and conceptual space where people can go to work together efficiently and educate each other on topics and skills that matter to them in order to better themselves and grow beyond their perceived limitations. One of the ways in which we aim to start the conversation necessary for this vision to actualize is through our gallery space. For these first six months, we will be providing our 1,000 square foot gallery space to various local artists and organizations, for free, so that they could put together a series of events and exhibitions that showcase their work and provide programming for creative and curious individuals.



THE CREATORS COLLECTIVE are presenting AMPLIFY at 100 Bogart for three weeks this summer, from July 27-August 13, featuring performances, events, workshops, a visual art exhibition, and open rehearsals from over 25 artists and groups. As THE CREATORS COLLECTIVE comes up on its 5th year of providing artists with space and resources to collaborate and present work in different locations across Brooklyn, AMPLIFY arises as the perfect opportunity to bring together all they do. AMPLIFY has already kicked off with a reception for the visual art exhibition on Thursday, July 27th and will culminate with a big final event on Sunday, August 13th. For updates and a complete lineup of events, performances, and opportunities, visit: thecreatorscollective.org/amplify


2. SHiM

As a company that serves the undiscovered creative talents of the world and seeks to disrupt the art world gallery model, SHIM—who will be occupying the 100 Bogart Gallery from August 19th to September 10th—aims to gather dedicated artists, art universities, and local industry and business leaders to address disconnections between various crucial aspects of the art world and the environments in which it functions. The ultimate goal is to create art events that connect disparate groups into one large community in order to develop broad and unique outreach to donors while magnifying artists’ brands and profiles nationally and internationally.


3. Caleb Freese

Caleb is an artist whose work reflects his first-hand experience of the collision between the wild forces of nature and “civilized” American society—between the need to control and that which cannot be controlled. His work, built up through subtle, careful layering, reveals hidden connections between micro and macro, order and chaos, the human body and the planet, “us” and “them”, and in so doing, addresses how nothing is truly separate from anything else; that it is these interconnected facets of our collective experience that weave into and dance around one another to create the fabric of existence. The new work Caleb is producing for his September/October exhibition will feature manipulated nature photography from his own travels to the Olympic Peninsula, WA, Patagonia, and the Grand Canyon combined with his signature technical architectural compositions and methodical-yet-instinctual painterly applications. Hyper link to Site.


4. William Norton

Orbiting around light, darkness, and the transparency between them (i.e. the Human Condition), Norton’s work delves into the intangible to wrestle truth from memory and breathe form into that which is no longer here. More literally, his work is etched onto transparent plexiglass, activated by light, and visualized via shadows. The imagery and conceptual framework for his art originates from a childhood in Japan. “Every time you turn around in Japan, everything is designed with aesthetics in mind,” he says. “I fell in love with the whole culture.” For his November exhibition, Norton will be curating his own work as well as that of some of his favorite artists.


5. Buddhist Insights

Buddhist Insights is the brain child of journalist/creative consultant, Giovanna Maselli, and dedicated Buddhist scholar/teacher and monk, Bhante Suddhaso, who have both benefited from Buddhist teachings and practices (or Dhamma). Their mission is to make monastic teachings more accessible to the general public by bringing Buddhist monks and nuns from monasteries to highly populated areas—the places that would benefit most from such teachings—and organizing free Buddhist workshops and retreats in these areas. Buddhist Insights will be host weekly meditation nights every Tuesday from 7-8:30 alongside monthly retreats in Bushwick.


6. Drawing Brooklyn

Drawing Brooklyn, organized by founder Simon Levenson, offers dedicated artists and total newcomers a chance to draw from a live nude model. Simon is an artist, entrepreneur, and teacher who believes that drawing, just like any other form of creation, is a way to test oneself to find out what one is capable of. In that way drawing is a catalyst for growth and a method for understanding the self. Drawing Brooklyn is a medium for just that. Live Model Drawing Workshops will be occurring every other Saturday from 1pm to 4pm.