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24 August, 2017

Grand Opening Happy Hour

What a BLAST it has been since we opened! We can’t believe that only two weeks have passed since our official opening date, and the word has definitely gotten out. In order to celebrate, we hosted a Grand Opening Happy Hour on our private rooftop and invited the whole neighborhood!


Tony’s Pizzeria, a restaurant that has been in Bushwick for the past 45 years, provided the catering for our event. Two brothers, Salvatore and Jack Polizzi, took over the restaurant after their parents retired and bring passion and dedication to every dish they make. Their spread included a variety of healthy choices, including Italian wraps, sandwiches, and cheese plates. Yummy!


Heritage Radio Network, a non-profit radio network about all things in the culinary world, came up from their new downstairs office to join the fun and mingle with the Bushwick crowd. HRN has been producing shows since 2009, and their original office was based just down the street at Heritage Foods USA. We are thrilled to have them among the first members of 100 Bogart!


Long-time friends Jason Koo, founder of Brooklyn Poets, and Modesto “Flako” Jimenez, founder of Oye Group, had a chat as the sun began to set. Both men have strong roots running through Brooklyn and have made it their mission to provide community-oriented events in both poetry and theatre. In just a few weeks, on September 8th, Jason will be hosting a poetry reading in our gallery space.


One of the designers from Eray Carbajo, Pinar Guvenc, stopped by to visit 100 Bogart co-founder, Nicholas Tukmanian. Her team designed and produced a variety of the furniture throughout the building such as the first floor lobby desk, reception desks, monumental chairs, and conference room tables.


After a nice evening of mixing and mingling, members and locals alike enjoyed the sunset together before leaving for the night. Until next time!