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20 April, 2018

Member Spotlight: AdaptLab Filmmakers

As we welcome the month of April - National Autism Awareness month, the 100 Bogart team is excited to share the backstory of one of newest members in our coworking space. If you haven't heard of them yet, meet AdaptLab Filmmakers, a video production company and social enterprise - designing roadmaps for filmmakers with learning disabilities to lead meaningful careers.  


The co-founder of Adapt Lab Filmmakers, Margarita Korol, originally volunteered as a job coach at the JCC Manhattan's Center for Special Needs - where she quickly learned the harsh reality of job placement agencies for only administrative roles. She saw passion in a couple of her clients, Leigh Silver and Andrew Johnson, that craved for a career with creative skills. She wanted to expand what was possible in her scope of reach of creating a video production company and further challenge what the film industry could accept. Thus, with her new helping hands and some community organization, AdaptLab Filmmakers was born.  

The last person on their team, Oren Sauerhaft, found his voice and place with AdaptLab, shortly after the group had formed. Throughout his career, Oren took countless vocational tests that were supposed to determine where he would better fit, professionally and socially. Like many others in his position, he was unaware that he needed an experience tailored for him and not otherwise. However, Oren is now AdaptLab Filmmakers’ prime cinematographer. He likes pre-production, story boarding and meeting with the producers and directors.


Through the All Good Work Foundation, non-profit organizations are paired with coworking spaces to promote different causes and wellness efforts by providing the office space. From this pairing, Adapt Lab Filmmakers was then introduced to 100 Bogart, and have now been able to focus on their mission. By taking advantage of our cooperative coworking space's resources, the team members achieves role-centric responsibilities and a mix of meetings and individual work.

As noted by the filmmakers, usually at work you must fit into a system, however, the lab system is agile enough to adapt to the filmmakers. Making it easy to work with, keeping costs at a minimum, and by placing a similar amount of responsibility on each producer, the lab produces quality and professional content. Not surprisingly, Adapt Lab Productions aims to create meaningful and educational projects and it currently has 4 productions on the making! To check out AdaptLab Filmmakers' current projects click here: https://www.adaptlabproductions.org/our-projects

The 100 Bogart Team proudly acknowledges the importance of creating an accommodating work space for all. For that reason, we hope to continue to support many similar social enterprises in the future and to educate ourselves and members on relevant issues like this. AdaptLab Filmmakers hope to continue to push the limits imposed by society on individuals with learning disabilities and so do we. We believe these types of collaborations are what turns the engines of a successful business, and we hope to continue to support other great causes from all walks of life.