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19 July, 2018

Our BRAND NEW & Soundproof Podcast Room!

As 100 Bogart continues to grow, we want to provide our customers with the best coworking experience possible. As we move forward and understand how we can better serve the community, we are slowly making new additions to our coworking space. We have heard your requests and *drum rolls* the Podcast room is now available to our members and for public booking!  


Here's how it works: the fully equipped soundproof room will be readily available to 100 Bogart members, as they can easily schedule to use it as they would schedule and book any of our conference rooms free of charge. If you're not a member yet (seriously, what are you waiting for), don't worry, we won't keep this awesome room all to ourselves – you can book it by contacting us at info@100bogart.com .   

Some of our established members are so excited about the Podcast room that they took upon themselves to help us set it up. We're so thankful for Cartuna and Heritage Radio for all of their hard work to get the right equipment with a brand-new iMac, speakers, mixing board, headphones, and mics to get just the right sound bites. We have no doubt our members will be putting the Podcast room to good use and we are excited to be a resource for the neighborhood as well!  


If you haven't yet, make sure that you stop by at the hottest coworking destination in Bushwick. Don't wait any longer to book a tour today, and we'll give you a free day pass so you can see for yourself what the hype is about. Start recording now, Bushwick!