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19 December, 2017

Radio Free Brooklyn is LIVE from 100 Bogart!

Just a few weeks ago, Radio Free Brooklyn, a non-profit radio network based in Bushwick, moved into 100 Bogart and has started broadcasting LIVE from our building! What started as a group of friends running a radio station, became a centralized community organization that provides a large radio platform for the diverse make-up of Brooklyn. Their mission? To give a global voice to the borough’s local artists, residents, and community organizers by bridging story to broadcast.

Streaming 24 hours and 7 days a week, RFB has a commitment to providing shows that are 100% commercial-free and the ultimate freeform radio experience. Freeform radio is a specific programming format that gives radio hosts and DJS complete artistic and creative direction of their shows. While developing content, they are not restrained by commercial and advertising quotas, making the final product all original, and far more captivating.

With an expansive network and a diverse cast, 100 Bogart plans on collaborating with Radio Free Brooklyn in their coworking space to provide events and workshops for the Bushwick community as well as Brooklyn at large. There will be additional resources added to 100 Bogart such as podcast recording and other audio-related services in the near future.

“This new opportunity with 100 Bogart is a game-changer for RFB and will give our community an exciting new home to continue producing amazing radio for our listeners,” says Tom Tenney of RFB. “We couldn’t ask for a better space and partner as we work to build for the future. We are thrilled to begin this new phase in the journey Radio Free Brooklyn, and are excited to grow our relationship with 100 Bogart in service to the people of Bushwick, Brooklyn, and beyond.”

Welcome to 100 Bogart, Radio Free Brooklyn! We can’t wait to see what shows and radio guests come through our doors!


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