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23 May, 2019

Rooftop Opening Party

As a gift for the 100 Bogart members ,we hosted a rooftop opening party! 100 Bogart parties are a great place for networking and connecting with fellow members in the building. It was a perfect party, with great weather, food, and drinks. One of the treats were ice creams provided by our own members, Heritage Radio. With four delicious flavours, our members were in for a treat. We also had great catering and drinks that were served all night long. 

In addition to food and drinks, we had terrific music provided by local DJs playing all throughout the evening. We weren't short of games either- many of our members had a ton of fun the whole party!

With the opening of our rooftop, make sure to stay tuned for some exciting rooftop event news coming soon. There will surely be more parties to come around the corner! Don't forget to check our events page here, we would love to see you soon!