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17 July, 2018

World Cup Viewing Party

If you were to walk the hallways of 100 Bogart during the past few weeks, you may have noticed laptops and conference room televisions flooded with World Cup games. With many people on their Macbooks crowded in a small room, it can be quite difficult to work when an event as exciting and infrequent as the World Cup occurs. Because of this, we at 100 Bogart decided to take matters into our own hands. 

With so many soccer (or football) fans in the building, it only made sense to bring the community all together and host a World Cup viewing party in our gallery space! It was the perfect spot to project the game high and large to turn our gallery into a pseudo sports bar. The match we chose to display was the France v. Belgium semifinal game on July 10th, which happened to be the game that secured France's place in the World Cup final. 


An international event like the World Cup offers the unique opportunity to display a variety of beautiful flags and colors. Because our community of members is very diverse both domestically and internationally, our members had a lot of fun representing their prided country, making for a great culturally-inclusive and interactive experience. 


And of course, a World Cup viewing party cannot be complete without food. We ordered heroes and salads from Tony's Pizzeria and Restaurant and had some drinks to enjoy the Tuesday afternoon. They gave us whistles and soccer-themed treats to truly enjoy the game!

Work does not have to be boring, especially if you join our community at 100 Bogart! With all the community events that go on, there is still ample time to get work done during the day, and network with fellow members. Now that the games have passed, we have to congratulate the France national team on their World Cup victory!