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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions.
For any other questions email us at info@100bogart.com

  1. 1.What standard amenities are included with a 100 Bogart coworking membership?
    Our list of our standard amenities are custom modern furniture, fully furnished meeting spaces, spacious kitchen areas, gourmet coffee and tea, fresh fruit water, exclusive networking events, private phone booths, ultra high-speed internet (1GB), printing and scanning, multi-purpose gallery space, parking, rooftop with NYC views, dog friendly, 24/7 keycard access, mail and package handling, VoIP phones, 24/7 security staff, dedicated support team, podcast studio, and natural light.
  2. 2.What are the different types of memberships that are offered?
    We offer Flexible Desks, Dedicated Desks, and Private Offices. For more information on memberships, click here.
  3. 3.Do you provide office space?
    Yes, we are a full-service building that provides turnkey office space. Our private offices are designed to accomodate companies who are rapidly growing.
  4. 4.Do you provide furniture?
    Yes. For Private Offices and Dedicated Desks, we provide desks, chairs, and filing cabinets. For a Flexible Membership we provide an unassigned desk and chair.
  5. 5.Do you offer phone service?
    Yes, VoIP phones are provided in Private Offices only for an additional fee of $50/month per line. We also require an $100 security deposit for phone rental which is refunded once the phones are returned. If your team has an existing VoIP phone service that you’d like to maintain, simply plug into one of the ethernet ports provided in your office.  
  6. 6.Can I bring my own furniture?
    Yes, but only if you have a private office. It must be approved by the community management team. All move-in and move-out must be coordinated with our team ahead of time.
  7. 7.What is your policy for bringing guests?
    Guests are allowed during normal business hours. All guests must register at the lobby reception. Members are immediately notified when their guests arrive via e-mail and text message. 
  8. 8.What areas of the building do guests have access to?
    Guests have access to the lobby spaces and common areas. Guests are also welcome to use our fast WiFi!
  9. 9.What payment methods do you accept?
    We accept most major Credit cards and bank ACH (direct withdrawal).
  10. 10.Do you require a security deposit?
    Yes, all membership agreements include a Service Retainer, which equivalent to two (2) times the monthly membership fee. 
  11. 11.Are there any set up fees?
    Yes, we require a $100 set up fee for each membership/desk. 
  12. 12.When can I expect to be billed?
    Payments are due on the first of every month.
  13. 13.What if I sign an agreement after the 1st of the month?
    Since we do our billing on the 1st of every month, we will pro-rate your first month's membership fee!
  14. 14.Are there any late fees?
    Yes, we charge a late fee of 10% of the outstanding invoice for payments that are 10 days or more past due.
  15. 15.What are the building hours? When are you open?
    Our normal business hours are 9am to 5pm, Monday through Friday. Our lobby is staffed 24 hours per day,  7 days a week. Most of our membership plans provide for 24/7 access. 
  16. 16.Is there a place to store a bike?
    Yes, we have a convenient place to store your bike in the Lobby. Available on first-come, first-serve basis.
  17. 17.Do you offer parking?
    Our building has an underground parking garage that is managed by a third-party operator.
  18. 18.Do you have an elevator?
    Yes, we have a large, commercial elevator in our building.
  19. 19.Is your building designed to provide accommodations for handicapped individuals?
    Yes, our building is handicap accessible. We also have several offices designated for handicap individuals.
  20. 20.What is your pet policy?
    Our building is dog friendly. Members who have a private office are allowed to bring their well behaved dogs to work. If you plan on bringing your dog to the building, your request must be first approved by Community Manager. In addition, you will be solely responsible for any injury or damage caused by your pet to other members or their property and the property of 100 Bogart. We are not responsible for any injury or damage to your pet should it occur in or around the building. In addition, any pet brought into the building must be vaccinated. We reserve the right to restrict your ability to bring your pet at our sole discretion.
  21. 21.Can I stop in or should I make an appointment for a tour/setting up?
    Both! The Community Management team is available 9am to 5pm (Monday through Friday) and 10am to 3pm on Saturdays. You can also visit our Contact page for more information on how to get in touch with us! 
  22. 22.When do I have to let you know that I’m moving out?
    Members must provide a 30-day notice prior to moving out. Move out forms must be submitted by the last business day of the month prior to move out. For example: If a member wishes to move out on October 31st, we must receive notice by September 30th. If the day of notice lands on a weekend, arrangements will be made accordingly.
  23. 23.Do I have access to the rooftop?
    Yes! During the warmer months of the year our Members get to experience the ultimate perk: an expansive rooftop with panoramic views of Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and Long Island City. 
  24. 24.How do I reserve conference/meeting rooms?
    Every membership at 100 Bogart comes with credits that allow you to book our conference rooms. You can reserve a conference room using our booking system Robin. Please click here for more info.
  25. 25.What if I need additional conference room time?
    If a member goes over their allotted conference room credits, they will be charged $25 for each additional hour and it will be automatically applied to their next month's invoice. Flexible memberships have 3 credits per month, dedicated desks have 5 credits per month, and offices have 10 credits per person per month. Credits do not rollover to the next month.
  26. 26.What kind of appliances are in the kitchen?
    Our kitchens are equipped with sinks, refrigerators, dishwashers, microwaves, coffee dispensers, hot water dispensers, and filtered water dispensers. 
  27. 27.Do you provide printers and/or scanners?
    Yes, we have several printing stations on every floor. Every dedicated membership and private office membership includes a $20 credit per month for printing, in color and black and white. Flexible membership includes a $10 credit per month. Black and white prints are $0.07 per sheet, color prints are $0.67, and each copy sheet is $0.67. Scanning will be for free and there will be no rollover credits. Any overage fees will be billed in a separate invoice at the beginning of the month.
  28. 28.Do I get mail and packaging services?
    Mail and packaging services are a standard amenity for private offices and dedicated desks. 
  29. 29.How do I update my payment information?
    Please email info@100bogart.com to update your payment information.
  30. 30.What if I lose my office key or keycard?
    We will replace your keycard for a fee of $50. The replacement of a new office key is a fee of $20. Please see a community management team member for assistance. 
  31. 31.What do I do when I have trouble printing or can’t connect to the internet?
    Please email info@100bogart.com to submit a support ticket. You can also live chat with our support team.
  32. 32.What makes 100 Bogart different from other coworking spaces?
    We are a full service building that caters exclusively to freelancers, starts ups and entrepreneurs in one of the "coolest" neighborhoods in the world: Bushwick, Brooklyn. We host events as well as educational programming to help our members grow their network. We also have a great on-site dedicated team that goes above and beyond. But, you tell us! Book a tour today to see our beautiful coworking space.
  33. 33.How do I get in contact with a Community Manager?
    Please contact 718-362-3539 or info@100bogart.com and someone will be in touch with you shortly.
  34. 34. Is there Security in the building?
    Yes, we have someone available at the front desk 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. All guests and visitors check-in with our Front Desk personnel in the main lobby before entering the building.
  35. 35. My company is growing! How can I add a new member to my private office? 
    Please email info@100bogart.com with the full name, email address, and phone number of the new member for your private office. Be sure to include the start date for new member. If this member joins after signing the initial membership agreement, there will be an additional monthly fee that is determined based on your membership cost.
  36. 36. Do you offer Coworking Day Passes? 
    Yes, and we even offer hourly bookings! A day pass is great for those who need professional place to work for a few hours or the whole day. Day pass hours are Monday through Friday (9am to 6pm). For more information or to reserve a desk for an hour or a day, click here